Block Puzzle |

Block Puzzle Game

How to Play:
Step 1: Fit all the block pieces into the provided grid, be careful as they will only fit in a very specific way!
Step 2: Once your last piece is in place you will get gold coins. Earn enough and you will unlock free solutions!
Step 3: By completing a level you will unlock the next puzzle, and slowly the grids will get bigger with more blocks to place and so the levels get more and more difficult.
Step 4: If you get stuck then don't worry, use up your solutions, each use will put a single block piece in its correct position. If you run out of solutions and can't work out the puzzle then you can purchase more solutions with real money, meaning your gaming doesn't have to end!
Block Puzzle is a cross plataform HTML5 family friendly game for both children and adults. Complete each unique puzzle by fitting the different shaped blocks into the grid correctly in one of our many themed game worlds, as you unlock each new level the puzzle will increase in difficulty for hours of brain busting fun!

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